About the Designer

Registered Interior Designer Erin Reinker has spent over a decade in the interior design industry, working on a vast range of projects, budgets, and time frames.  After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, Erin lived to Dallas where she spent many years working as a licensed interior designer, specializing in education and corporate projects. In 2012, she moved to Houston where her expertise in workplace strategy expanded with the development of large corporation campuses such as the ExxonMobil campus in Houston, Texas and IOL campus in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Upon returning to northwest Arkansas in 2014, Erin continued to work as a workplace strategist for firms located in Texas, which provided her the opportunity to work on the Toyota Motor North America campus in Plano, Texas.  Erin is passionate about representing the needs of the employee and giving our clients  a consistent partnership through all phases of their projects.  RIN Interiors LLC is a product of these passions.


Away from the studio, Erin contributes to various organizations. 

  • Council for Interior Designer Qualification (CIDQ) Practicum Committee

  • Rogers-Lowell Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council

  • Alzheimer's Association Support Group Facilitator and Presenter

  • Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Ozarks Chapter Board Member

Erin has her National License No. 23755, State of Texas License No. 10709 and State of Arkansas License No. 9226.